March 16th, 2003. 2:45am.
Today, I received an award for Tactics Core !!
I'm very excited, of course ^_^v !
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-V2C, aka Seed

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Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback.
It's been great help! =)
Special thanks go to AnonT for writing the guide below !

AnonT's Tactics Core Unit Summaries
Hunter is a relatively weak ranged combat unit. He has low health and defenses, and his arrows are less effective than the magic attack of the Talon Guard. His advantage is his speed, and he can attack before the enemies reach you. However, being unable to shoot over or around allies and not being able to attack at close range, the Hunter is very difficult to use during the main battle. Ironclad Sentinal is like a tank: strong but slow. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the ability to shoot explosive shells across the battlefield, and his close range attack isn't quite strong enough to make up for that. The Sentinal is good for holding off the enemy's more powerful close range units, but he'll need backup if you expect him to actually kill the units he's fighting.
Shadowfist Fighter is one of your faster and more mobile close range combat units, but he sacrifices magic resistance for more health and a powerful attack. The Fighter is very useful for going after your opponent's Cleric and Sorceress, but doesn't last much longer in a close range fight with enemy swordsmen than the Assassin does. Shadowblade Assassin is the fastest and most mobile unit in the game, but relatively weak otherwise. The Assassin is best used against physically weaker enemy units such as the Sorceress and Cleric, as she doesn't tend to last long in a close range fight with enemy swordsmen.
Templar Mage does fairly good damage at a decent range, and has the added bonus of being able to hit more than one unit at once. If you get a good change to hit two or three enemy units at once without too much risk to your Mage's life, take it. His biggest disadvantage is that his damage isn't strong enough to overcome the Sorceress' high magic resistance. Red Wizard is the big guns on your team, so take my advice, don't let him die early on. He can do 1000+ damage to your enemy's melee units, and often hit more than one of them at once. Beware that he has low physical defense and speed, so getting him into the right position to deal out the massive damage will take planning.
Mystical Healer is, unfortunately, inferior in almost every way to your opponent's Cleric, but that doesn't mean she's worthless. Her biggest disadvantage is that she can only heal at close range, often putting her at risk. Be careful when and how you use her to heal if you want to keep her around long enough to save all your units. Daemon is a mystery unit, bearing striking resemblance to the Healer. Her attack has great range, and will kill any unit at once. Daemon has no defenses, but that is hardly noticeable when the enemy can't even get close to attack her.
Templar Striker has a weak magical attack that can hit up to two of your units at once. While he has a shorter range and can hit fewer targets than your Mage, he has better speed and mobility. Macabre Swordsman has good speed, decent movement, decent health, does fairly good damage, and is fairly resistant to physical attacks. His main weakness is magical attacks, and your Red Wizard can do 1300-1400 damage to him in one shot. While he is an all round melee attacker, he is far from the biggest risk to your party.
Talon Soldier is slightly slower than the Swordsman, but more than makes up for it with better health, equal or better damage, and slightly better magic resistance. Due to his high health and good defenses, you're best off ignoring the Soldier until the Cleric has been dealt with. Talon Guard fires a long range magical attack that does better damage than your Hunter's arrows. The Guard shares one of the Hunter's weaknesses though: he cannot attack at close range. If you maneuver your units right, the Guard can be trapped and nullified.
Cleric has the ability to heal units from a few squares away and tends to return several hundred hitpoints more to your opponent's units than your Healer is capable of. The Cleric should at least be one of your first targets, if not the first enemy unit you target and destroy. Mystical Sorceress deals good damage (often 800+) to more units at a time than your Red Wizard, and always seems to be able to hit more than one of your units without hitting any of her own. While she is nearly immune to magical attacks, she is quite vulnerable to close range attacks, and your Assassin and Fighter can dispatch her very quickly. Don't let her live too long.

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