February 2nd, 2003. 3:00am.
Take Flash MX, 3DStudio Max, Swift 3D, Cooledit Pro, plus one Seed ^^ , and the result is what I call Tactics Core.

So... what IS Tactics Core?? It's a 100% Flash based engine for developing TBS games in Flash. I've created a demo game to show what it can do.
Play Tactics Core Demo !  (Requires Flash 6+)
You'll find it quite challenging at first, but once you figure out how all the units attack, it'll be much easier. Also, if you're lucky, the most powerful unit, Daemon, might appear on your team! There's a sneak peek of her in the screen shot below ; )

Depending on the feedback (IF there's any -_- ), I may publish online documentation on how it was created, or develop this into a full length RPG. Of course I won't be able to do this alone...

Please email me at v2c@digisonline.com if you have any questions or comments (or feedback ^^" ). Thanks!

-V2C, aka Seed

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