February 21st, 2003. 11:30pm.
By: V2C, aka Seed
Email me at v2c@digisonline.com

Sound is definitely my weakest area, but I gave it a try anyway. For those of you who want free sounds, I know Flashkit has a lot available for download.

I used a program called Cool Edit Pro 2 to create the BGM and sound effects. A great place for downloading sound clips to use in your Cool Edit Pro songs is Loopology.com. Cool Edit Pro allows you to edit and manipulate multiple tracks at the same time to create high quality song loops.

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For the sound effects, I started off by going around recording various sounds I heard onto my MD. Then I imported these into Cool Edit Pro and used various filters to alter and clean them up, or even combine sounds.

Some of the sound effects were used in different combinations in the actual Flash, and this allowed more variation without increasing the file size ^^.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say now. Sound was the last thing I added, so that's everything I put into Tactics Core! Hope it's been interesting =)

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