February 21st, 2003. 1:00pm.
Alright! I'd say Tactics Core was a success, all thanks to my friend FFuryFX who posted my link on Flashkit the day I found out that I WASN'T selected for Flash Film Festival, and of course I owe it all to Newgrounds for hosting me on their front page! And now, on to the documentation you asked for =)

Before you read this, please note that this documentation is NOT a tutorial in any way! It is only meant to give you an idea of my planning process and thoughts along the way. If you find something useful, be sure to search for more information about it with the links I've provided! Enjoy ^^

Where to start? Why Flash? Flash has an incredible graphics engine, not for its speed but for the way its graphics look. And almost everyone's got it installed already, what more can I ask for? If I took Flash MX and wrote a game that couldn't honestly be published in Flash 4, I knew it would attract some attention ; )

First, I had to do some research on this type of strategy game... tried to finish Final Fantasy Tactics overnight at my friend's place -_-" Another game I constantly referred to was Dragon Knight 4, but that must have been almost ten years ago.
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I liked the turn queueing system in FFT, so I decided to include that in Tactics Core, however I stuck with DK4 on the unit/character design: each unit has one type of action at a time. This made it like a chess game requiring more strategy, and it's also easier for a new player to learn all the commands quickly. Plus, it's more feasible to program in Flash =D

I started making notes and doodling character design sketches. If the project's going to take a few months, it's best to keep some written notes. Try to complete everything you initially planned BEFORE adding or modifiying features. If you can add in the features easily at the end, it's a sign of good coding design. For example, things like the "Undo" command were not added in until the whole game was completed.

OK. The design process is really up to you, not much more I can say there. You can see my notes here, they're EXTREMELY crude, that's why I made them small and blurry on purpose. ^^"

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