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Golem Fighter
Hit Points 60
Power 20
Armor None
Blocking None
Recovery 2
Movement 5 Teleportion
Mud Golem

Mud Golems can travel long distances at great speeds through the ground, surprising their enemy from behind. Whenever the tremblings in the ground commence, it is already too late for their enemies to escape, and they can only prepare to be surrounded by Mud Golems.

Melee Attack

Strikes a single unit on an adjacent tile with its fist.

Ground Attack

The Mud Golem can pound the ground with such force to create a mud-quake, dealing damage that cannot be blocked except by barriers. The power of the attack is 15 at a range of 1 tile, 10 at 2 tiles, and 5 at 3 tiles.

To activate, click and hold on the Mud Golem instead of the orange tiles during your attack phase. When the white tile beneath the Mud Golem disappears, release the mouse to unleash the attack. You cannot use the mud-quake when you control more than 1 Mud Golem.
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