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Beast Spell-caster
Hit Points 48
Power Summon
Armor None
Blocking 50% Front
25% Side
Recovery 1
Movement 3

Furgons in the wild are harmless beasts that avoid contact with all other animals. The forests protect these peaceful creatures, and hunters and predators will mysteriously become trapped in thick woods and endless shrubbery if they try to chase a Furgon.

Summoning Spell

Raises Shrubs in a cross-shaped area of 5 tiles.
Summoning can only be used on empty tiles.
Summoned units are destroyed as soon as they are attacked.
Summoned units cannot be the target of healing or focus spells.

Additional Information

You can only place 1 Furgon on the field.
The Furgon will become enraged and clear its recovery time whenever a friendly mobile unit is destroyed by enemy attacks.
This rage subsides after 1 turn.

Enraged Attack

The wrath of the Furgon is incurred when it witnesses an ally fall in battle, awakening its dormant powers to encage all enemies in wild growth. The Furgon must be enraged and surrounded by Shrubs on all 4 sides to activate this ability.

This spell replaces the Furgon's normal attack when it becomes available. After using it, the Furgon will become exhausted, and cannot block or step aside for friendly units to pass. Wait 6 turns and the Furgon will return to normal strength. You cannot use the enraged attack when you control more than 1 Furgon.
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