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What units are right for you?
With all the units to choose from, you can build a formation that is perfect for your own playing style. The standard team of Human units will be available to all free accounts once you sign up. Certain Golem and Beast units can be won through unit drops during battle, but only Gold accounts can gain access to most of them.
Humans embraced a more cunning nature in times of war, dabbling in mystical powers and magic stones. Noble warriors and powerful mages fight side by side on the field of battle against those who would threaten the sanctity and peace of their kingdoms. Humans are capable in every art of war, and their intelligence and agility mark them as the most versatile of all fighters.
Strengths - Armor, blocking, and wide range of attacks and abilities
Weaknesses - HP is average and below








Dark Magic

Lightning Ward

Barrier Ward
Golems were brought forth from earth and stones by ancient Dark Magic. These mindless creatures are easily predictable and lack agility, but feel no pain as they continue their tireless rampage over the lands. Golems that have fallen under the control of Humans add great strength to the Human ranks.
Strengths - High HP and good attack power and abilities
Weaknesses - Slow recovery time, short movement range, and no blocking

Mud Golem


Frost Golem

Stone Golem
Beasts roam the lands and dominate their own territory in the wild. They neither seek nor desire conflict with other races, but are merciless towards any who dare invade them. Though unpredictable by nature, captured beasts can occasionally be tamed to aid their Human masters in battle.
Strengths - Many advanced abilities
Weaknesses - Difficult to master

Dragon Tyrant


Beast Rider

Poison Wisp


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