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How do I get more units?
You can win them only if you are in a battle when there is a unit drop. These happen about 5 times a day, and there will be a red message in your chat window letting you know what unit you can win.

When is the next drop?
Nobody really knows!

How do I get Beasts or Golems?
A few common ones can be won through rare unit drops.
Only Gold accounts can get powerful ones like the Dragon.
( Click here to find out more about Gold accounts )

How do I change my avatar?
In your Settings, drag and drop any unit over your current avatar.

How do I make a clan?
You need a Gold account to form your own new clan.
( Click here to find out more about Gold accounts )

Can I change my password?
Only Gold accounts can change their passwords.

TAO login name
Maintenance code *
Old password
New password
Confirm password
* Maintenance code can be found by logging into your Paypal account history or checking your Paypal email records.

For mail-in or old accounts:
( Request a code )

Why am I always disconnected?
Free accounts are disconnected after your battle is over or if you just hang around in the lobby for too long. This will free up connections so other people can have a chance to login and try the game too.

How do I upgrade?
Make sure you have already created an account on the server.
( Click here when you are ready to upgrade )

Can I upgrade without a credit card?
Yes, you can mail in a money order or certified cheque.
( Click here for mailing instructions )

How long does it take to upgrade?
Paypal upgrades happen very quickly or within the hour.
Mailed in upgrades usually take a week or more.
Have you already read the F.A.Q. for answers to most frequently asked questions?

Having 2 separate Gold accounts does not count as a double Gold. Each of those will have to upgraded again separately. Please do not ask to have them merged into one double Gold account at a later time.

( I have another question now... )
Important Notice:
Due to the overwhelming number of requests received each day, courtesy messages will no longer be sent in response to nonsense requests such as:

1. Asking for help but not stating your TAO login name.
2. Not using the Paypal email address that upgraded your account without providing any relevant proof.
Your password is NOT proof.
If you do not follow the instructions on this page, then your request will probably get deleted by the filter!

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