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Is this your first time with Tactics Arena Online?
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Tactics Arena Online will launch inside a pop-up window to prevent browser functions from interfering with the game. Always load the game from this webpage to make sure that you have the most updated version.
Launch Game: Tactics Arena Online
Free accounts are disconnected if they stay in the lobby for too long.
If you start a battle, you will not be disconnected until it is over.
Looking for Great Lakes, Banff, Armageddon, or Revelation server?
The commercial servers can be found at:
On the commercial site, there is a small monthly fee to maintain a full gold account.
In addition, members have access to moderated lobbies and forums, interactive clan rankings, a support / help desk system, a comprehensive faq / strategy / reviews database, as well as many other bonus features.

Current client version 1.55b 

About five times a day, there are chances to win new units when you are in battle!
Common Unit Drops
Barrier Ward
Dark Magic Witch
Mud Golem
Rare Unit Drops
Frost Golem
Beast Rider

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