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Some Humans forsake their physical trainings to study arcane magic for the purpose of war. Those who have mastered the element of fire call themselves Pyromancers. Although they cannot wear any battle armor, Pyromancers have learnt to defend themselves with their staves in combat.

Hit Points :  30 Movement Range :  3
Power :  15

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  3
   Burns a cross-shaped area of 5 tiles.
   Maximum targeting range is 3 tiles from the Pyromancer.
   This attack is unblockable.

Special Abilities :
   + 33% Blocking from the front  ( 16% from the sides )

The Pyromancer's unblockable attack is useful at the beginning when the enemy units that can block are too far away to get behind with your other units.

Pyromancers can target a maximum of 3 tiles away, but their fire will spread out in cross-shaped areas, so they can actually reach units 4 tiles away.

Beware of the Pyromancer's slow recovery since your opponenent will usually use this time to finish him off. Try not to attack with the Pyromancer unless you can damage multiple units.