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There are four ways to customize your settings:

1. Set your team formation
 - Drag the units to your desired starting positions.
 - Drag and drop units over each other to swap positions.
 - Units that are not on the field do not take part in battle.
 - You can have a maximum of 10 units on the field, and 25 units off the field.
 - There must be at least one mobile unit on the field at all times.

2. Dump extra units
 - Drag and drop units over the Trash Can to the right.
 - This is not undoable, so think carefully before you Dump any units.
 - Dump units only when you need to make room for new recruits.
 - When you have new recruits, there will be a blinking indicator above the Trash Can.

3. Change your Avatar
 - Drag and drop a unit over your current Avatar to the right.
 - The unit will return to its original position once the Avatar is updated.
 - Your Avatar does NOT count as a unit itself, so you will NOT lose the unit you set as your Avatar.
 - You can keep your Avatar even if you Dump all units of its type, unless you change it afterwards.
 - You cannot set immobile units to be your Avatar.

4. Change your Color
 - Click on the Color tiles below your Avatar to the right to change your Team Color.

When you have finished changing your settings, click on the Lobby button near the bottom-right to go back.