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On your turn, select a unit by clicking on it.
Click anywhere else to cancel your selection.
The selected unit will start blinking.
Enemy units will blink with a slightly red tint.

If you do not control the selected unit, or it cannot be used this turn, you will see faint blue tiles indicating its possible movement range.

(The scout's movement range can be seen in the screenshot to the left.)

There are five commands you can use each turn:

1. Move
Move your unit to a new position.
 - Click on a blue tile to move your unit to that position.
 - Immobile units, such as Barrier and Lightning Wards, cannot use the Move command.

2. Attack
Attack enemy units, Heal injured units, or cast other support spells.
 - Click on a yellow tile to select your attack target position, then red tiles will appear indicating your selected target(s).
 - If the attacking unit cannot choose targets, the yellow tiles will be skipped and red tiles will show immediately.
 - For example, the Cleric always heals your entire team, so he does not need to choose targets.
 - Highlight a targeted unit to view the attack damage and percent chance of success, and then click to confirm.

3. Change Direction
Turn your unit to face a new direction to increase chances of Blocking.
 - Click on one of the four arrows to make your unit face that direction.
 - This command ends your turn immediately, so use it after you move and attack.
 - Some immobile units, such as Barrier and Lightning Wards, cannot use the Change Direction command.

4. Pass ( End Turn )
End or skip the rest of your turn.

5. Surrender
Surrender to your opponent.
 - Click and hold for one full second to surrender.