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The Rule Book is a guide or reference for advanced play. If you are completely new to the game, it is recommended that you try a battle first. Most of the rules and effects are very self-explanatory when you see the actual units in action.

General Rules Unit Types Stat Definitions Special Abilities Status Effects

* New rules may be appended on game updates.
Current Rule Book version 1.55
- Fixed: Barriers are not lost when you change direction (Rule 5.2b)
- Added Blocking percentage increase/decrease (Rules 4.5d,e)

1. General Rules 

1.1 Victory conditions:
(a) all your opponent's mobile units are either destroyed or Paralyzed
(b) OR your opponent Surrenders.

1.2 Draw game conditions:
(a) all mobile units on both teams are either destroyed or Paralyzed
(b) OR both players Pass 3 times each consecutively without making any move or attack
(c) OR there is no contact between opposing units within 30 turns.

1.3 The player who gets to take the first turn is randomly picked by the server at the start of each game.
(a) All units that can deal damage (including Poison) begin with Movement Recovery
(b) AND the player who goes second will have 1 wait turn cleared as if they Passed at the start.

1.4 You can only command one unit on each turn to:
(a) move
(b) AND/OR attack
(c) AND/OR change direction
(d) where changing direction must be the last command if used.

1.5 The time limit per turn ranges from 1 to 2 minutes depending on the number of units remaining.

1.6 Running out of time:
(a) ends your turn automatically if you made at least one command on this turn.
(b) Surrenders automatically if you did not make any commands on this turn.

1.7 You cannot undo any command.

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2. Unit Types 

2.1 Mobile units are units that can move.

2.2 Immobile units:
(a) cannot move
(b) AND have equal Blocking chance from all sides
(c) AND have no Movement Recovery Time
(d) AND must wait full Recovery Time for attacking only.

2.3 Fighters can only deal damage.

2.4 Healers can only restore HP.

2.5 There are 2 types of Spell-casters:
(a) damage dealers can only deal damage.
(b) support units can only cast Focus Spells.

2.6 Summoned units:
(a) are Summoned during battle
(b) AND have no HP
(c) AND are destroyed as soon as they are attacked
(d) AND cannot be the target of Healing or Focus Spells.

2.7 Trophy units:
(a) have no HP
(b) AND cannot be destroyed
(c) AND cannot be the target of Healing or Focus Spells
(d) AND cannot move or attack.

2.8 The Dragon Tyrant counts as 2 units when placed on the field.

2.9 Restricted units:
(a) You can place a maximum of 3 Knights on the field.
(b) You can place a maximum of 1 Scout on the field.
(c) You can place a maximum of 1 Lightning Ward on the field.
(d) You can place a maximum of 1 Stone Golem on the field.
(e) You can place a maximum of 1 Dragon Tyrant on the field.
(f) You can place a maximum of 1 Furgon on the field.

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3. Stat Definitions 

3.1 A unit is destroyed when its Hit Points (HP) is reduced to 0 by damage.

3.2 Power:
(a) determines how much damage a unit can deal
(b) OR determines how much HP a Healer can restore.

3.3 Armor:
(a) determines the percentage of damage that will be absorbed and reduced.
(b) does not reduce amount of Healing or Poison.

3.4 Movement Range:
(a) determines the maximum number of tiles that a unit can move through each turn.
(b) some friendly units may step aside to allow a unit to move through a shorter path.

3.5 Recovery Time:
(a) determines the number of turns a unit needs to wait before it can be used again.
(b) is halved and rounded down if a unit moves but does not attack
(c) OR is halved and rounded up if a unit attacks but does not move
(e) OR is cancelled if a unit only changes direction
(d) EXCEPT for Immobile units, which wait full Recovery for attacking.

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4. Special Abilities 

4.1 Teleportation allows movement from point-to-point regardless of any units obstructing its path.

4.2 Unblockable Attacks cannot be Blocked except by Barriers.

4.3 Healing Spell restores HP to units.

4.4 Focus Spell:
(a) causes a continuous effect as long as the caster remains in Focus.
(b) Focus is cancelled by damaging or Paralyzing the caster
(c) OR Focus is cancelled by removing the target(s)
(d) OR Focus is cancelled when the caster receives a new command.

4.5 Blocking:
(a) causes an attack to miss and deal no damage.
(b) percentage chance is halved for side attacks.
(c) cannot Block attacks from behind.
(d) percentage chance increases temporarily after being hit.
(e) percentage chance decreases temporarily after a successful Block.

4.6 Unbreakable units cannot be damaged or destroyed.

4.7 Stun:
(a) increases target's current wait turns.
(b) has no effect if attack is Blocked.

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5. Status Effects 

5.1 Waiting indicates that a unit is still Recovering and cannot take commands yet on this turn.

5.2 Barrier:
(a) will Block all non-Focus attacks and Healing Spells.
(b) is lost if you move or attack.
(c) units under Barriers cannot step aside for friendly units to move past.

5.3 Focus:
(a) maintaining a continous effect on its target(s).
(b) Focused units cannot block
(c) AND Focused units cannot step aside for friendly units to move past.

5.4 Paralyze:
(a) cannot take commands
(b) AND cannot Block
(c) AND cannot step aside for friendly units to move past.

5.5 Power Bonus:
(a) either increases or decreases Power temporarily
(b) AND has no effect on units with no damaging or Healing Power
(c) AND cannot reduce effective Power below 0.

5.6 Armor Bonus:
(a) either increases or decreases Armor temporarily
(b) AND cannot reduce effective Armor below 0
(c) AND cannot increase effective Armor above 100.

5.7 Poison:
(a) cannot attack
(b) AND cannot step aside for friendly units to move past
(c) AND loses 4 HP at the end of each turn.

5.8 All status effects can stack.

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End of Rule Book 

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* Contents are subject to change due to game updates or whenever deemed necessary.

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