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Welcome to the Lobby!
This is where everything in Tactics Arena Online begins. Here you will meet players from around the world of different experience and skill levels. Make friends, join clans, and share your secrets and strategies!

Talk to other players in the Lobby
Simply start typing your message at anytime.
Press [Enter] on your keyboard to send.
Challenge another player and start a battle
Click on an empty arena to place your Avatar.
A battle will start once both sides are taken.
Change floors for more arenas
Press [PgUp] or [PgDn] to change floors.
MAC users type /up or /dn.
Customize your team and settings
Click on the Settings button at the right.
You will be taken to the Settings screen.

Note: Free accounts are disconnected if they stay too long in the lobby or settings.

How to Join The Lobby My Settings
Battle Rule Book Get Gold

* Contents are subject to change due to game updates or whenever deemed necessary.

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