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Are you ready to battle?

First step - Selecting a unit

Click on any unit to select it. The unit will start blinking. (Enemy units blink with a red tint.) Units that you cannot control will show their movement range with faint blue tiles.

End phase - Changing direction

Click on an arrow to make your unit face that direction. Use this after you move and attack, since it will immediately end your turn. Immobile units cannot change directions.
Main phase - Moving a unit

Click on a blue tile to move your unit to that tile. You can use this command before or after you attack with a unit. Immobile units, such as Barrier and Lightning Wards, cannot move.

Passing / Ending your turn
Click this button to end your turn immediately.

Click and hold this button for one full second to surrender.
Main phase - Attacking with a unit

Click on a yellow tile to pick your target. Then, red tiles will indicate your selected target(s). Highlight a targeted unit to view the attack damage and percent chance of success, and then click to confirm the attack.

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