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For a one-time donation of $10.00 USD, you receive a permanent Gold account while supporting the server costs!

Important: You must create your account on the server before submitting an upgrade.

1. Upgrade using PayPal

TAO login name

* Make sure your login is entered correctly.

2. Upgrade by Money Order
International money orders accepted only

Please write a note with your login name to be upgraded. Include your email address if you wish to be contacted.

Make payable to:
Vito Sze

Mail to this address:
Digital Seed Entertainment
4438 West 10th Avenue
SUITE #118
Vancouver, B.C.
V6R 4R8
What do I get?
Login priority when servers are full
No delay between chat messages
No disconnection after each battle
No time limit in the lobby
Gold name in the lobby
Send battle challenges
Ability to create one clan
Bonus units
Frost Golem
Golem Ambusher
Dragon Tyrant
Beast Rider
...and more units in the future!

What if I upgrade my account twice?
Rare units
Mud Golem
Stone Golem
Dragonspeaker Mage
Poison Wisp
...and more units in the future!

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