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Poison Wisps are the disembodied spirits of ancient forest critters. Their existence has been shrouded in mystery for eternity, as they vanish as quickly as they appear.

Hit Points :  34 Movement Range :  6

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  2
   Poisons 8 tiles in a cross-shaped area around the Wisp as long as it maintains Focus.
   Focus spells are unblockable and can penetrate Barriers.

Special Abilities :
   + Teleportation

Additional Information :
   - Immune to ground attacks such as the Mud-Quake

Poison does 4 initial damage, and 4 additional damage at the end of each turn. Armor does not decrease the amount of damage dealt by Poison. However, Poison cannot reduce a unit's HP below 1.

Poisoned units cannot attack, but can move away from the Poison on their turn. They still cannot attack until the next turn, however.

Poisoned units can still Block, but will not move aside for friendly units to move past them.