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Dragon Tyrants are arrogant beasts, and though they can be tamed, they take a great deal of effort to keep under control always. Once airborne, these creatures move faster than the eye can see, devastating their enemies before they can react.

Hit Points :  68 Movement Range :  4
Power :  28 Recovery Time :  3
Armor :  16%

Attack Pattern :
   Shoots a fireball in a straight line at a single target up to 3 tiles away.
   This attack will hit the first unit in its LOS (Line of Sight).
   This attack is unblockable.

Special Abilities :
   + Teleportation
   + 40% Blocking from the front  ( 20% from the sides )

Additional Information :
   - Does not step aside for friendly units to pass
   - Counts as two units on field

Dragon Tyrants can kill Scouts and Knights in the same number of hits even if they are healed once by a Cleric.

Dragon Tyrants can kill some unit types, like the Dark Magic Witch and Cleric, in one hit.

Using a Dragon Tyrant reduces your limit on the field to nine units, but it is also a slow unit. Try not to build your team to solely rely on a Dragon Tyrant.