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Rogues who abandoned the confinements of Human villages sought a simple way of life amongst the Beasts in the wild. Riding tamed animals and brandishing crude polearms, these Beast Riders have become fearsome hunters.

Hit Points :  38 Movement Range :  4
Power :  19 Recovery Time :  1
Armor :  15%

Attack Pattern :
   Pierces two units with its polearm in a straight line.

Special Abilities :
   + 45% Blocking from the front  ( 22% from the sides )

Additional Information :
   - Does not step aside for friendly units to pass

Beast Riders can hit a unit hiding behind another, even if the one in front blocks.

Beast Riders are fast and useful for breaking the focus of casters that are hiding behind other units, ie. a Stone Golem cluster.

Even your own units must walk around your Beast Rider, so it is less adept at forming blockades than units such as Knights and Assasins on defense.