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Digital Seed Entertainment (DigiS) was founded in 2003, and is a one man organization owned and run by Vito Sze, more commonly known as Seed. DigiS strives to develop top quality games for all generations, promoting clean, addictive fun, and without resorting to the negative messages that many developers nowadays use for attracting our younger generation.

DigiS' first demo project, Tactics Core, was released in February 2003. This project was intended to demonstrate the possibilites when Macromedia Flash is taken to the next level. The popularity of the tiny turn-based strategy game demo grew unimaginably, and Tactics Core was spread all over the web in a matter of days.

Tactics Arena Online, DigiS' first complete game, was released in October 2003. It is an evolution of Tactics Core, bringing Flash technology to an even higher level with massively multiplayer support. DigiS is proud of all supporters who helped build the Tactics Arena
Online community, and DigiS promises to bring more great games to you in the future!
- Seed, aka Vito Sze
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