Online Pokies

Getting started with online pokies, you’ll likely begin with the classic online pokies games:  slots, blackjack, roulette, and craps. When Internet gaming first started, these were the original online pokies games that introduced players to the wonders of visiting an online casino. To this day, online pokies remain popular, especially for novices. Each has specific rules that should be learned thoroughly, to make the most of your online casino experience. Remember that eventually, you’ll be playing with real money. Meaning, if you lose, you’ll lose more than just a turn or a hand. You’ll lose your bet.

When playing online pokies, know that you’re dealing with offshore providers. Microgaming for instance, is a privately held company based in the Isle of Man. However, the Internet makes it possible to play wherever you are. Online casino players participate across the globe and don’t worry, payouts can easily be converted into your  country’s currency. Speaking of which, Microgaming holds the record for the biggest online casino payout ever. In May 2009, an online pokies player from Greece won an astounding $9 million progressive-slot jackpot! The winning game? “Mega Moolah” of course.

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