Play Online Pokies Here

The biggest software today to play online pokies is arguably from Microgaming Software Systems. This online pokies casino claims to have released the very first online pokies  software in 1994; though some regard Random Logic’s 1996 release to be the pioneer. Regardless, Microgaming today is king of online casino software, providing the backend for well-known online casinos like Roxy Palace and River Belle. In total, Microgaming is behind over 100 casinos, each promising the same suite of games and same reliability. If the casino you visit uses Microgaming to play online pokies, you can consider that a good sign.

Within its online casino suite, Microgaming offers approximately 300 different online pokies games, including the classic pokies like slots, blackjack, and craps. You also get a full complement of new games like “Mega Moolah,” a progressing onlinepokies game featuring five reels and 25 progressive lines. “Mega Moolah” was Microgaming’s first ever four-tier progressive jackpot machine. This means that there are four jackpots to equal one “mega” jackpot and suffice to say, the payoff from this online pokies game can be huge. In all, from the hundreds of games available, you should be able to find a game or two that interests you. One way in which casinos ensure your playing experience is positive is to offer you as many options as possible. By partnering with Microgaming Software Systems, online casinos achieve just that.

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