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Author Comments
February 25th, 2003, 12:08 AM
hey jon!!! glad you dropped by it was really cool to see you at our show! hope you come next time too!!!!!!

February 25th, 2003, 12:44 AM
haha actually u can get the lyrics at the rockacola link to our page, anyways thanks for coming man!!! it's great that u enjoy the show and have fun with us on stage at the end!!

February 26th, 2003, 1:27 AM
Sorry for confusing you guys...the message I posted was focusing on Kwok.....so please please don'tfuck me again...hahaha..... :P

February 26th, 2003, 5:54 PM
Bon-G's not fat, he's big boned. And he looks cool on stage, like a young Meat Loaf. His voice is pitch perfect like Pavarotti singing at the Sistine Chapel. He has the presence of a young Frank Sinatra and the movies of a young Aaron Kwok. That is hot.

February 27th, 2003, 10:20 AM
hey guyz, the band show was awesome, my frenz and i had a blast!!!=D

and for 'kwok' 's comment up there... i think you just don't know what are you talkin' about, either you don't know how to rock or you just sayin' stuff that you don't even understand!! first of all, for my definition of rock concert is meant to be fun and people go crazy w/ the musics. bryce throwin' down their drum-sticks means b/c he already knows the crowd gone crazy and just want them to have the memory material that they can keep. like goin' to a baseball game, is always nice to catch one of the home-run ball from the balcony, you feel prod and always remember what have happened... same reason! beside, it won't kill any one by just throwin' down the sticks, people want the sticks!! i believe that you have NEVER go to a real hard rock concert in your life, for my information, hard rock band throw their picks and thicks to the crowds, even more, they even go into the mosh pit just to let them to have the best time of the show!

sometimes the drummer might not able to hear what he's playin' b/c of the sounds systems... but there's no point to play soft on the drum!!!! dude, a rock concert is meat to be rock!!! loud, big noises are meant to be like that! play hard on the drum and play the best you can. not like jazz or soft r&b.; if you want to hear soft drummin', i suggest you to go to those jazz concert; i believe you know better than me, since you're a drummer too. but yes, since rock is too much for you, or maybe too LOUD for you! try jazz or country, that's soft, old man!

i know that my opinions are very different from yours, but dude. this band plays GREAT and you're just nothin' like them!

February 27th, 2003, 10:32 AM
the previous comment was for kwok. not for you guyz...

more to add, i strongly DISAGREE that bon-g looks bad on stage. he can sing, he can play... he ROCKS!!! well, can you kwok?! can you?? can you play drum and sing @ the same time???? since you're only a drummer that don't want to play hard on your drums, i believe that you don't even know how! dude, all i know is the crowd went crazy on ei-51 and they were rockin' hard in the show! maybe i should come to one of your show see how you do! oh wait, i'm sorry, maybe next time you can get in b/c they have 'no more room'!!!

February 27th, 2003, 6:24 PM
heheh thanks all for the kind comments, and let's not antagonize anyone. everyone's comments are welcome as anyone who posts here only has good intentions for our band

February 27th, 2003, 8:25 PM
wow i have caused so much contraversy!!!
anyways... whatever anybody says there will always be someone out there that disagrees... so it is pointless arguing... and to those out there calling me names... i just want to let you know how cool you are!!
anyways... my opinion came from a technical point of view, not a "rocking hard good time" point of view, and i can't say all of what i wrote is absolutely right, but if you ask someone that knows about drums that saw the show, i am sure they will have a lot to say as well, and most likely say what i've said, but will they?? probably not because of the critisism and insults they will get for it on this message board... anyways amature or not, i know more about what i am talking about than probably all of you that replied ... and if you don't know what it means to be a pro... then you shouldn't even use that in your replies.....
anyways... just my viewpoint... i expect more scrutiny for it... haha... and to the last person that said all that stuff about rock and stuff.. rock doesn't mean playing loud... and playing loud doesn't mean it's rock... if your drums are miked, then it doesn't matter how hard you hit... haha... also yes people like being encouraged, and yes bad critism not acompanied with good critism is not easy to swallow, but i am sure that this message board is not just for "oh you guys rock, you guys were awesome, so great"... blah blah blah... you can say you liked it and go ahead and write it!! so why am i getting insults for my constructive critism?? and from what i have read from vii which is part of the band, they are welcomed... so to those who don't like it well then get pissed off... that is your problem
oh..... stick throwing?? well...... i don't know much about stick throwing... and no i haven't been to a rock concert... but i know that you don't throw stuff at people when they don't expect you to throw it... yes involving the crowd is good.. but involve the crowd. he threw the sticks on stage and they hit (or almost) people on the stage trying to get ready for their performance... anyways...
jazz and country is always soft ?? and rock is always loud??? wow.... ok.... so... how does that relate to playing hard and playing soft?? and can you really say that jazz and country is always soft?? ..... anyways... loud and playing hard ... are they always directly related?? i suggest anybody that thinks playing loud means playing hard to learn to play drums ... i think a misconception of drumming is your problem...
anyways i am sorry to Jeff and to all those that feel what i said was bullshit... i am sorry that they feel what i said was insignifcant... and that i don't know what i am talking about... and i will spend more time practicing instead of writing stuff in this page as to avoid insults because of their ignorance... and i will talk to the musicians directly to avoid these kinds of problems...

February 27th, 2003, 8:42 PM
kwok, which band you are from?

February 27th, 2003, 10:33 PM
Bon-G look cool in person.. .. all my friend said he looked like "Wa Dee". (+ he is not fat @ all...)

Kwok thx for pointing out that I looked unnatural on stage.
Good thing that I am just a sub-in .

BTW could you guy post the pix from Bandmania?

February 28th, 2003, 12:51 AM
I thought Bon-G was 蕭正南 hahah
anyway, pics will be up soon along with new songs as soon as my midterms are over!

February 28th, 2003, 1:26 AM
Kwok,on't worry about it. Like vii says, everybody has a right to say whatever they want on our site. I've taken your comments into consideration and during my practices now, I try to be aware of certain things. I have no hard feelings against you and I'm happy that you've been to so many of our shows.
Other readers will interpret all these messages the way they want, and some will have nice things to say about others, and some won't. Just like how we will be comments as well as compliments. All's fair in love and war!
The situation gets worse when everybody feels like they have to make "comeback" statements to whoever replies to their messages. For example, calling other people ignorant will only make the situation worse (and I believe that some, but not all, of the people who wrote on this board have been or are in a band....so they're coming from their point of view as performing musicians too).
Again, it started of between me and you. I have no hard feelings...of course it hurts to be told that I'm the band's main problem (meaning that the band has more problems, only I'm the worst) but hey, I got over it. I'm still gonna play and I know I have a lot more room to improve. Comments are usually better than compliments (if the comments are actually meaningful). Some people might compliment others only because they have nothing better to say, and because they feel as though they should make the other person feel good. Thanks for your comments and I'll watch out for that stuff in the future. Take a listen to the recordings of our new songs (when they get posted) and tell us what you think. Thanks.

The End

February 28th, 2003, 7:01 PM
awesome show guys! you got the crowd going, and that's always important!
as much as i want to comment on all of the band members, i can't, since i was primarily watching the drummer. i guess it's important to watch drummers if i want to get any better!
bryce, you rocked. thanks for signing the drumstick. IT DIDN'T HIT ME, and nat and i had to approach another guy in order to get it, but in the end, i ended up with it, and i LIKE it. in every rock concert i've been to, the drummer has always thrown his sticks to the crowd, and of course, being a bit of a drummer myself, i always want the damn sticks!! i believe that if a drummer throws out his sticks, it's a "thank you" to the crowd for coming out and supporting the band.
as for the hats being too loud... it's REALLY hard to control volume, and it's the one thing every band has to work on WITH the sound system guy. the one bad thing about working with technology is that it's so damn hard to manage. but once you're up on stage and playing, it's really hard to control if your equipment is miked.
anyway, Bon G, i thought you looked cool up on stage; you don't need to be all flashy and strip on stage to look cool. :P (although, i must admit, the vocalist who took off his shirt caught me off guard. not that it was in his looks, but rather that it was funny!)but as long as you get the crowd going, and are singing in tune, then it's all good!
well, it was an awesome performance guys. you guys rocked. i hope to see more of you live!
ps kwok, it IS good to state your honest opinion, and i'm sure that it benefits the band. taking criticism is always hard, and it's one thing everyone needs to learn, however, making recommendations such as reccomending a drum teacher was not in your part to say! if the drummer really sucks, then i guess, but he doesn't, so i think he's good as he is!

March 1st, 2003, 4:26 PM
one more thing

nobody in the world gets the right to say people suck
everyone plays instruments sucked before.

you cant play like buddy rich on the drums when the first day you sit in the drumsets..

i think you are a dumbass musciain kowk if you keep calling people suck when they just started doing their show for the first few times or started playing their instruments for only a year or something.

squeeze your brain and stfu

March 7th, 2003, 9:32 PM
Ok, enough with the flaming!

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