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December 4th, 2002, 10:34 PM
Just wanted to put this out: if you were a drummer (or are a drummer) would you prefer to play on the real, traditional drumsets, or on the new insanely expensive electric ones? Of course I know there are pros and cons to both types, but I'm the traditional type....so I'm just curious why somebody would want to buy an electronic set and only have that, instead of having both types (which makes more sense). I mean...if you already had a traditional set and wanted to experiment with the electronic types, that's cool....but if you only have an electronic type...what's the point? Just curious.

December 5th, 2002, 1:02 PM
electronic kits offer better versatility. like if all of a sudden you wanted to drum a jazz piece, you don't need to change any pieces, just call up a preset, and you're done. if you wanted to drum dance beats, you could just call up a preset for a dance bass. and it's got patches so you could assign certain pads to be effects instead of drums, whereas real drums you would need a separate pad + drum kit.

also, for recording, it's much easier to record electronic drums (tweaking, then directly feeding the signal is much cleaner) than real drums (having to mic, filter, etc...).

Of course, they aren't real, so there they don't sound real either.

April 8th, 2003, 8:35 AM
-they feel like real drums (the bounce depending on brand)
-doesn't take up a whole room
-doesn't bug your neighbours, practice 24/7
-volume control- head phones
-changes sounds
-comes with metronome and other songs to groove to
-not everyone has money to buy both
-not everyone has the space for both

if you are to record with electric set, why not record with midi?? it sounds the same, probably better

April 8th, 2003, 3:15 PM
very true, if you have a good midi device...
however, most midi programs don't allow you to operate in the full sampling range. electronic kits still allow for those minor time differences only humans make (i.e. machine perfectly in time vs human's acceptable range of "in time"...) it's not so much the midi device that's the problem, it's more of the input.. like you're not going to add deliberately add a millisecond difference between hits when programming midi. a real life example would be listening to let's say hk pop music (alot uses programmed midi drums... sounds "real"... but you can tell it's programmed) vs. let's say def leppard's "hysteria" album (note, rick allen uses more and more real drums these days.. but '87 was when he first re-learned to drum single handed...)

as for space, it does take up just as much, if not more space. a good set still has the essential elements (okay, sure, it's only a pad, so the drum volume is smaller, but the amount of volume you need to occupy in the room is still the same.. (take a top view projection). also, you'd need a speaker system to play the drums thru too..

but yeah, they are expensive.. a good "analog"/wood set still seems more fun.. it's got that loudness factor

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