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November 19th, 2002, 5:32 AM
i hvae heard you guys play live many times and was just wondering how long each member has played their instruments, and if you guys practice rigorously on your own or just practice in a band... and i am wondering what kind of audience you guys pick for your songs and if it affects your music, also where do you guys get your influences from... i know bon g thinks he doesn't get it from anyone but i am sure he listens to somebody.... thanks

November 20th, 2002, 3:04 PM
Those are some good questions. Now, I wanna ask you a question: "what do you think about our music and our performance as a band?" We hope you like it. Most of us have been playing for 2+years...seriously playing. Of course, a lot of us just fooled around before. We practice individually to develop our own skills, but also as a band. In order to be a successful band, one of the most important things is to have band chemistry. Our audience? hahah, we don't pick them. They pick us =) Basically we play for ourselves and whoever wants to listen to us =) Thank you for coming out to the shows and listening to us. I'm influenced a lot by punk bands and some heavy rock bands. The other guys? Not sure =) Thanks for post. My answers are pretty lame but I hope you get a general idea =) See you at our next show!

November 21st, 2002, 9:57 PM
hey man, thanks for watching us play! hope you continue to support us.

i've been playing guitar for around 9 years (i wish it actually showed... but sadly it doesn't hahah). i practice rigorously on my own... basically on days when i'm procrastinating from school, i am playing while i'm awake. as a band we practice regularly too. i'm not sure how much the other guys practice, but each time we make new songs there's definitely new ideas there. so everyone's upgrading themselves constantly.

as bryce said, we don't really pick an audience... all for the better anyway. i'm sure each of us have an "ideal" audience we want to appeal to. but it all comes down to pleasing the most people as we could, which i personally find as the main challenge of this band. picking audiences shouldn't even be considered a luxury... if given the opportunity, it'd be "everyone" (think packed stadiums).

influences...hrmm... i personally have many.. it depends on the day.. it ranges from the heaviest to some of the softest. sometimes the influence may even be just something someone i know says, or some lyric or something that floats by. long showers are always influential as for bon-g, there's an ounce of truth in what he says. i don't think it's so much one influence as much as a collection of styles that he likes. although he would be able to tell you more clearly. anyway, we'll be performing november 30th, hope to see you there!!!

November 21st, 2002, 10:14 PM
yo, nice to see some listeners on the boards..
i've been playing bass for a bit over 2 years..and i wish i practiced more rigorously on my own =P

My influences..well, mostly band bassists..tetsu, J, flea..as for music..jrock and hard rock..hehe..also ballads as well =P

as for composing..random notes that come together when i'm pounding on the piano..hence the relative rarity of song contributions from me..and for audience..as bryce sez..they pick us..we pretty much play whatever we feel sounds good

November 21st, 2002, 11:02 PM
haha okay i have sing for like a long time already, and i took lessons for one year too, which is great in improving technique and range, even in rock singing it helps, u don't necessarily have to do the vibration stuff but can still apply the skill u learn, and then basically i sing all the time, i think i sing more than vii playing guitar, hahaha, singing at home, in car, karaoke, band practice, it's just great fun, in terms of audience, we dont' get that much of a crowd in shows anyways, haha, but it doesn't matter, coz we are going to perform no matter what, but of course i hope in the future we got more people standing up and watching us and actually get into it which would definitely makes me better, in terms of influence, haha i dunno where u read i don't get any influences, probably in the old website, but actually i started listening only to hk pop music, like in the 1990s, but then when i joined the band two years ago, the other guys introduce me to other types of music, like the heavy rock stuff, which i like now too, but then i don't really know much about those stuff still compared to like vii, haha, anyways i think listening to rock stuff changed the way i sing, it's good to listen to a variety of stuff coz it helps u develop a more well rounded musical background and u can definitely do better in whatever u do, guitar, bass, drums, singing, whatever, i like to listen to opera too, it's great, haha, and then i think being a vocal in a band is not just singing, u have to hype up the crowd, which is really hard for me still, haha, i am still learning, anyways, i can keep going, but let's stop here for now, haha

February 27th, 2003, 8:56 PM
kwok are you picking on ei51?

howcome every posts u started here are kind of agressive to them i guess....

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