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Author Comments
July 23rd, 2002, 1:08 AM
wassup to the Vin-Man and BMC......BMC (mr drummer man) how much is that moose again..hahaha....Vin-man...wheres the vinnarooni??.....tell me when you guys are playin....i gotta be there...all i can say is that live performances kick ass.....

July 23rd, 2002, 1:14 AM
Wussssssup Jiggy? Hahah...shit, starting your own little topic on our page. You think you're all that don't you? Hahah, s'all good. It's the one and only CrAzY-sArU laying it down on the beat machine for you fans out there...yeah, I know I still suck. Well Jigs, I think we might have a show on Aug 29th? If they don't cancel...like those night market sons of b*****s! Payce!

booker v
July 23rd, 2002, 11:34 AM
SUUUUCCCKKKKAAAAAA wassap jigs!!! tell me you didn't just start your own topic!!! i can dig that the book man thanks for checking out our page. yeah, like bryce said, we're hoping to do a show on the 29th, but it's still up in the air right now. if all goes well, we'll catch you there

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