EECE 478 Project (April 2003)
By: V2C, aka Seed
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My term project for a Computer Graphics course taught by Dr. Lee Iverson at UBC (EECE 478 Homepage). I was assigned to leading a semi-random four man team in creating a 3D game using OpenGL and C/C++ within two months.

The characters and models in the picture below were designed and created by me, but I can't say that the character designs are 100% original -_-" Obviously the orange ball is from Final Fantasy, right? I'm not going to list where I got all my inspirations ; )

Our school demo went pretty well, and we got a "Just finish it!" recognition award, meaning that they'd be interested in seeing the final version. =D Unfortunately, the game was never actually completed, and I am no longer working on it. -_-"
Watch  EECE 478 Project  Demo Video !
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Duration : 30 sec
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Format : Windows Media
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