Gameplay and Controls
How do I play?
Please read the in game Help manual, or simply play through the first 5 Basic Stages of the Starter Pack for a quick and easy guide to learning CuberXtreme.
What are the controls?
Use the four Arrow keys to navigate.
[Spacebar]: Select menu item / Push Cube (Can press and hold while running!)
[Escape]: Close menu window / Pause game
Which types of Cubes can remove each other?
Regular, Anchor, Pet, and Joker Cubes of the same color can all be used to remove any combinations of each other. Joker Cubes can also remove Joker Cubes of other colors. Puzzle Cubes can only remove other Puzzle Cubes of the same color.
What does the Pet Sprite do?
When you have a Pet Sprite, any Cube of your Pet's color is removed by a single push. This works on all Cube types, including Puzzle Cubes, except for Anchor Cubes which cannot be pushed.
What's worth more, Comboing or removing 4 Cubes at once?
Generally, removing 4 Cubes at once is worth more points, however exceptions are possible when setting up advanced Combo chaining.
How do I delete saved records?
At the Stage Select Menu, press and hold the right or left arrow key for one second and wait for a confirmation window. This only affects your current Stage Pack.
Why does only the Loading screen use mouse?
Actually, CuberXtreme is not meant to be played with mouse at all, but Flash games often require a mouse click at the Loading screen to ensure that your game window has keyboard focus before it starts.
Technical Issues - Play Online version
Why do I only see a black window?
Your Flash version may be too old. Please install Flash 8 (or newer) plugin.
Can I pick which Stage Pack to play?
Yes, and no. Play Online version allows you to play Starter Pack and the current featured Pack. The full version allows you to load any Stage Pack you want at any time.
Why are my scores erased everytime I reload the game?
Right-click on the Flash, choose "Settings...", go to the second tab, and check that "Local Storage" is allowed for
How can I make the game run more smoothly?
If the game does not run smoothly in your browser, then please download the full version for best performance.
Technical Issues - Download versions
What is the difference between the Trial and Full version?
Loading Stage Packs is disabled in the free Trial version, and it does not require installation.
Why does the game shutdown by itself?
There may be a problem with your installation. Please reinstall the game to a folder path containing only alpha numeric characters and spaces.
How do I use a Stage Pack after I download it?
You can Load it from the in-game menu, or even double-click the file to automatically launch CuberXtreme with that Stage Pack!
Do I need to keep downloaded Stage Packs on my hard drive?
Yes. CuberXtreme provides a link to a folder called "CuberXtreme Stage Packs" where you can save downloaded Packs. (Please do NOT delete Starter Pack from this folder.)
Why does the game "freeze" when I click "Load New Stage Pack"?
The Open File dialog window may have bugged out behind the game. Press [Escape] and then click "Load New Stage Pack" again to correct this problem.
Why are my controls "stuck" or acting strange?
When you are not using your Gamepad or it is unplugged, please make sure you turn the "Gamepad" option to "Off" in the Options Menu.
Why do other windows pop over my game window?
If you are using a Gamepad, the buttons may send the same signal as a mouse click. Keep the cursor over the game window, or simply play fullscreen (recommended).
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