A guide for the Best Homeowners Insurance Policy Texas has

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, moving across town or planning an out-of-state move to Texas, you need to make sure you have adequate homeowners insurance for your antiques. First time home buyers often get confused by homeowners insurance and think they have everything covered, which often is not the case. Surprisingly, some folks moving out of state leave insurance till the last minute and forget the extra considerations for their valuable antiques. Get cheap home insurance from https://www.texasquotes.com/.

Safeguarding Your Treasures

It’s not unusual for antique collectors to amass a fortune in antique furniture, antique art or heirloom collectibles. The cost to homeowners can vary greatly depending upon the homeowners insurance carrier you choose, the type of antiques to be insured, whether it will moved for display purposes and your geographic location. The risk of tropical storms and hurricanes in the coastal areas of Texas could require extra riders on your policy to make sure you have the proper limits and coverage in place.

For folks with a sizable antique collection worth a great deal of money, you might consider getting homeowners insurance from insurers that specialize in antiques or art. These types of insurers have the experience to make recommendations based on your particular situation.

Most standard personal property insurance coverage has set limits on the dollar amount of your antiques. Therefore, you should consult with an agent about a special rider to insure antiques with higher limits to cover the value of these items if they should be damaged or destroyed in a fire, hurricane or by floodwaters.

Homeowners Insurance for Antiques

Appraise Antiques

The smartest thing to do to protect your antique investments is to have them appraised. However, some insurance companies only recognize certain professional appraisers. So, be sure to get a list of qualified appraisers from your insurance agent before hiring an appraiser.

Inventory Antiques for Homeowners Insurance

After getting a professional appraisal, take a complete inventory of your antiques for yourself and for the insurance company.

• Making a video of each antique in your home not only shows a clear picture of the condition, but it also confirms it is stored in your home.

• Take digital photos if a video is not possible. Preferably a couple of photos from different sides or angles of each antique.

• Ideally, you should write up a description of each antique filled with details, the price of the item and purchase date and appraisal information you may have.

• Give a copy of the inventory records to your agent, and keep a copy for yourself in a safe place like a safe deposit box where it cannot be destroyed by natural disasters.

Clarify Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Whether you’re a pro at ordering homeowners insurance or this is your first time, ask your agent questions to clarify your coverage.

• Does my coverage include fire, natural disasters in Texas, hurricanes, floods, theft and accidents?

• Are there any exclusions?

• Do I need additional homeowners insurance or a special rider?

• Does coverage on my antiques require a separate deductible?

• What are my dollar limits on the policy for antiques?

• Are my antiques insured when I display them at a show?

Protect Your Antique Collection

If you have a substantial number of antiques, you should consider adding a security system to your home, deadbolts and additional outdoor lighting. Make sure they are stored in an area with proper climate conditions to preserve them.