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Top 50 Players
Posted on August 13th, 2004 at 3:35 PM PST
Rank Clan Name Rating
1 <netjak.com> Aza 1844
2 <Slayers Guild> _-x-X-x-_ 1844
3 <Your Worst Nightmare> FlameSnake 1785
4 <Ganj@ Lovers> DieHard 1781
5 <Your Worst Nightmare> andobo 1755
6 <Imperial Guard> Master of the Blade 1735
7 <shadow staslkers> mi_23 1708
8 <Your Worst Nightmare> pwet 1702
9 <Imperial Soldiers> *Zeus* 1701
10 <Wolf Clan> Lateralus 1700
11 <Slayers Guild> Juicifer 1698
12 <Wolf Clan> Dragon Light 1689
13 <Gold Slayer> TaCtiCs_ArEnA 1683
14 <Slayers Guild> Moose 1677
15 <netjak.com> Jaychou 1676
16 <Wolf Clan> feanorin 1676
17 <athik?> athik? 1674
18 <Imperial Legion> The_Black_Knight 1673
19 <Your Worst Nightmare> Graft 1661
20 <Your Worst Nightmare> RoFl 1660
21 <The Last Clan> yrv 1658
22 <netjak.com> WaCk-HeAd 1649
23 <Mass Homicide> Massacre 1642
24 <Slayers Guild> QuicksandSlowly 1642
25 <Z.A.F.T.> Niwa-tori 1639
Rank Clan Name Rating
26 <The Last Clan> Tuff 1638
27 <Asgard> Unas 1633
28 <What??> Paladin Drakore 1625
29 <Slayers Guild> HaLdAvId 1623
30 <Slayers Guild> Batman 1620
31 Disturbed Angel 1617
32 <The Last Clan> stone2000ca 1614
33 <Slayers Guild> Abacus 1610
34 <Wolf Clan> Windfoxster 1609
35 <Wolf Clan> Shards 1609
36 .l. 1607
37 <Wolf Clan> Argentino12 1604
38 <Dark Crimson> WhipperSnapper 1586
39 <Your Worst Nightmare> Hexx 1584
40 <Third Vector> pacifist 1564
41 <Your Worst Nightmare> Batosi 1564
42 Lactose_Intolerant 1563
43 <Wolf Clan> shortna 1561
44 <Slayers Guild> monoxide 1556
45 <Imperial Legion> isaac999 1555
46 <Wolf Clan> falco88887 1550
47 <Third Vector> Satan_|_ 1548
48 <SG Recruits> Tantalon 1547
49 <the Eastern Elites> dogtail_gold 1545
50 <Wolf Clan> Soudeus 1543
Note: Rankings and ratings are not posted in real time.

[ Old Rankings ]

Ended on February 25th, 2004 at 12:00 AM PST
Champions of the Second TAO Tournament
Open Division Restricted Division
HaLdAvId Cyrus Bloodbane
Cordo Windfoxster
XxWhite AlliancexX Battlecat

Ended on January 1st, 2004 at 3:00 AM PST
Champions of the First TAO Tournament
Name Prize
bushido Enlightenment
Cyrus Bloodbane Dragonspeaker Mage
Knight named Cyrus "Dark Slayer" Bloodbane
Triarch Stone Golem named The Big Bopper
Cordo Dragon Tyrant
elvish_pie Frost Golem

Defenders of the Realm
Ended on November 24th, 2003 at 6:15 PM PST
Dragon Slayers
Telgar_Drakore Defeated ONE Dragon
Ender Wiggins Defeated ONE Dragon
MatrixRevolution Defeated ONE Dragon
Angelo Defeated TWO Dragons
Moose Defeated ONE Dragon
Jabobo Defeated TWO Dragons
light_chibi Defeated TWO Dragons
gragonmastermatt Defeated ONE Dragon
AlphaEcho Defeated TWO Dragons
elvish_pie Defeated ONE Dragon
Typhon Defeated TWO Dragons
Dragonscall Defeated THREE Dragons
Cyrus Bloodbane Defeated FOUR Dragons
Leng Defeated TWO Dragons
TheQuickness Defeated TWO Dragons
TheRapizt Defeated ONE Dragon
eoow Defeated ONE Dragon
Cirys Defeated ONE Dragon
Reidan Defeated ONE Dragon
DTAWOM Defeated TWO Dragons
CorfiX Defeated TWO Dragons
DuTcH Defeated TWO Dragons
overlord1500 Defeated ONE Dragon
TheDeathKnight Defeated THREE Dragons
Katana Defeated TWO Dragons
The Wanderer Defeated THREE Dragons
ninja tactician Defeated TWO Dragons
DannyMac Defeated ONE Dragon
QuicksandSlowly Defeated TWO Dragons
smileyboi_909 Defeated TWO Dragons
Kain Highwind Defeated ONE Dragon
Punkrockerkid Defeated ONE Dragon
Einstein2.0 Defeated ONE Dragon
BlueJaey Defeated ONE Dragon
King Defeated TWO Dragons
Dark_Phoenix Defeated ONE Dragon
void Defeated ONE Dragon
merforga Defeated TWO Dragons
Xero9110 Defeated TWO Dragons
Energizer Defeated TWO Dragons
SuPeR Defeated TWO Dragons
feena Defeated TWO Dragons
dielion Defeated ONE Dragon
sh_a_wn Defeated TWO Dragons
Ramza Defeated TWO Dragons
Ended on January 24th, 2004 at 9:15 PM PST
Furgon Hunters
[S|G] Captured ONE Furgon
PhantomFox Captured ONE Furgon
alaois Captured ONE Furgon
navekmage83 Captured TWO Furgons
slakziesig Captured ONE Furgon
dielion Captured ONE Furgon
kuristol Captured ONE Furgon
Dough Captured ONE Furgon
ng_Jck Captured ONE Furgon

Ended on November 10th, 2003 at 3:30 PM PST
Golem Slayers
slakziesig Defeated the Golems
Angelo Defeated the Golems
Fools Defeated the Golems
Lucifer Demon Defeated the Golems
King Defeated the Golems
Dragonscall Defeated the Golems
Dark Aeon Defeated the Golems
Theocritus Defeated the Golems
DEMONIACAL SOUL Defeated the Golems
TerraHawk Defeated the Golems
ADOLF HITLER Defeated the Golems
AnonT Defeated the Golems
light_chibi Defeated the Golems
elvish_pie Defeated the Golems
Niwatori Defeated the Golems
InsanityX Defeated the Golems
Wet Em Up Defeated the Golems
Russia in MAT Defeated the Golems