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Tactics Arena Online requires Macromedia Flash Player 6 or newer plugin.
If you do not have it installed or are not sure, click here.

If this is your first time playing, you will need to create a new FREE account.

Clicking the link below will open TAO in a pop-up window to prevent your browser's functions from interfering with the game. Specifically, it will allow you to use the [Tab] button within the game, and prevent you from accidentally navigating away from the page.

Launch Game : Tactics Arena Online

Login Notes :
  Server full. - You must wait for a free connection before you can login.
  New version available. - You must reload the game from THIS webpage.
  Server upgrade in progress. - You must wait for the server to finish upgrading.
  Connection refused. - Your account has not been logged or timed out yet.
  Connection refused. - Or, your computer is suspended from logging into any account.
  This account is locked. - This account is disabled and cannot be used from any computer.
  Server unavailable. - The server is unable to accept connections.

What's new? - Last updated on August 15th, 2004

 - Spamming may result in a temporary suspension, and during that time you will get "Connection refused."

How do you recruit new units?

Unit Drops  -   About five times a day, there are chances to WIN a random unit when you are in battle!
This includes the Cleric, Pyromancer, Dark Magic Witch, Barrier Ward, Mud Golem, Enchantress, Frost Golem (RARE), and Beast Rider (RARE).

Upgrading Bonus  -   Currently you receive a Frost Golem, Dragon Tyrant, Beast Rider, and Furgon when you upgrade!

Rare Units  -   The Stone Golem and Dragonspeaker Mage are currently available only to those who upgraded a single account more than once!

These criteria can change with each big update involving new units. The earlier you upgrade, the more units you will be automatically eligible for! (Some Rare Units will eventually become available to even FREE accounts in the future.)