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[ December 27th, 2003 ]
Servers will be disrupted for half an hour on Sunday December 28th, 2003 between 1:00 - 1:30 AM (New York Time).
The memory is being expanded, so during this time, you may experience "Server Full" error messages when connecting.

[ December 25th, 2003 ]

[ December 24th, 2003 ]
Sorry for the extensive downtime that has been occuring this week.
The final server move has been scheduled for Thursday night (NYC Time).

[ December 21st, 2003 ]
Only Gold accounts can form new clans.
Each account can only form ONE clan in its lifetime.

[ December 20th, 2003 ]
Off field limit has been increased to 25 units now!
There will be a blinking indicator when you need to make room for new recruits.
A partial clan system has been integrated! Type  /help  to list the new commands.
Do not create a clan unless you are serious about it!
Clan leaders cannot leave their own clan, and I will NOT remove it for you if you change your mind!

[ December 14th, 2003 ]
The Tournament is well under way now!
Please note that you are no longer limited to one game per day.
However, you may only play a maximum of fifteen matches in total.
Tournament result submission address : bittaosmerf@optusnet.com.au

Those of you who have been waiting for an out of game chat area, click here!

[ December 13th, 2003 ]
New TAO Forums are finally up! Special thanks to Gyration for creating and hosting them this time!

[ December 12th, 2003 ]
The Tournament has started! All registered players must read the submissions page and rules before submitting or entering a game. If possible could all regular players please stay away from floor 9 as this will be where the Tournament games will be held.

If you are not registered, there will be another Tournament coming up soon! =)

[ December 11th, 2003 ]
The server will be taken offline for maintenance reasons on
December 12th, between 1:001:30AM EST (New York time).
Sorry for any inconvenience!

[ December 10th, 2003 ]
Beast Riders have arrived!
Forums have been decimated! A new communal place will be constructed away from the ruins.
Opening event : Execution of KuBaN ( Date TBA )

The First TAO Tournament will begin this Saturday !!
Please note that prizes are non-transferrable if you are registered under an alias account.

[ December 7th, 2003 ]
The unit drop timer randomization has been modified, so don't ask when the next drop will be!
Rare units such as the Frost Golem can be won through unit drops!
However, they will appear less often than other units.

[ December 4th, 2003 ]
Servers have gone back up now, and all accounts have been re-enabled.
I've done what I can to restore all regular and Gold accounts that were overwritten, however a small number are lost permanently, and a couple have been reverted to an older state.
Sorry for any inconvenience!

[ December 3rd, 2003 ]
Check out  merforga's Official TAO Fansite!
Details on how to Sign Up for the First TAO Tournament can be found there!
  - ALL members are welcome to join.
  - Restricted to default unit set + Mud Golem only
  - Winners will receive rare units!

[ November 30th, 2003 ]
Servers went down unexpectedly. Sorry for any inconvenience!
They are up again now! ^_^

[ November 25th, 2003 ]
Dragon Tyrant's power has been adjusted back to 28.

The server has been named :  Legends Server
Dragon Tyrant units will be given to all Gold accounts some time today!
Please note that if you put a Dragon Tyrant onto your Team, you can only use NINE units.
Dragon Tyrants' power has been reduced by one. More info on their stats and abilities will be posted later!

When you Upgrade to a Gold account, you will now receive one Frost Golem and one Dragon Tyrant.

[ November 24th, 2003 ]
Enter and exit notifications have been disabled in the lobby to make it easier for players to see the chat.
Also, a bug has been fixed so that units won't be lost if FREE accounts get disconnected while Setting up their team.

[ November 23rd, 2003 ]
Yesterday, a mirror community (hosted by Flash Player Studios), went online!
Bill from Flash Player runs that community, and is helping to expand Tactics Arena Online as much as possible!

To clear up some confusion:
Please note that my servers will still remain FREE to play on, with NO MONTHLY FEES ever!
I am dedicated to the servers here, which will always be my home!
Hopefully players that know me or my work will feel the same way ^_^
All efforts I put into updating the game HERE will also be mirrored at Flash Player's community eventually.

[ November 22nd, 2003 ]
The Legend of TAO
Entirely written and illustrated by the players themselves...
Here is the first AMAZING compilation of the Role Play events to date! (All credits are listed in the link above.)
Want to become part of the Legend?
Watch for special events in-game or on the Forum.
Who will be the next Hero or Defender of the Realm?

[ November 21st, 2003 ]
Over 10,000 users now!
The loading time when entering the Lobby has been reduced.
Also, you can now type  /floor #  or click on the floor number to change floors.

Servers will go down briefly at midnight NY time for upgrades.

Forums are back!
Scroll buttons have been added for changing Floors in the Lobby now. There is also an indicator of which Floor you are on so that you can invite your friends to find you more easily.
Also, games should not freeze anymore when your opponent ends turn too quickly.

[ November 20th, 2003 ]
Servers went down for maintenance from 1:00AM to 2:00AM PST.
The account database has been reorganized to clean up duplicate account names. If you can no longer login to your account, you will have to create a new one. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused!
(Upgraded accounts will not have been affected.)

Also, Forums are down until further notice!

[ November 18th, 2003 ]
Over 8,500 users now!
It's almost time to expand servers AGAIN !
Upgraded accounts are distinguished by the different color of their names now.
This will make it easier for players to find opponents at their own experience level.

[ November 14th, 2003 ]
Over 5,000 users now!
The lobby can get quite busy during peak hours, so I have added some extra rules:
 - FREE accounts can only stay in the Lobby for five minutes before they must start a game.
 - FREE accounts must wait three seconds between sending chat messages in the Lobby.

[ November 13th, 2003 ]
The Surrender button has to be pressed and held down for one full second before it triggers now.

[ November 12th, 2003 ]
The Turn Timer will now speed up when there are less units remaining on the field. However, you still have well over a minute to plan and make your move.

Servers have been expanded! It will be a lot easier to log in now.
There are three levels of Arenas. Press [PgUp] or [PgDn] to change floors. MAC users can type /up or /dn.

[ November 11th, 2003 ]
Golem info has been posted. The Stone Golem you see there is an extremely rare unit. Less than 10 have been given out so far to those who make this game possible for everyone else through their extra generous donations.

Unit drops have resumed. They will occur an average of five times a day, and players from all time zones have an equal chance of winning.

[ November 10th, 2003 ]
All players have just received a Mud Golem, and upgraded accounts have also received a Frost Golem!!
This is the ONLY time the entire population receives a bonus Mud Golem, so players who sign up for FREE accounts in the future will have to wait for opportunities to earn them when announced.
As long as you upgrade BEFORE the next units are added to the game (at least 2 weeks from now), you will still receive the bonus Frost Golem.

Over 3,500 players now!!!
I have decided to double the servers. I will try it out for a month, and see if there will be a sufficient increase in donations to support twice the server costs. This expansion should occur before the weekend.

On another note, please disregard any people who claim to be hacked/hackers.

[ November 8th, 2003 ]
Those that have played against the golems will have realized by now that they are not stronger than the Humans at all! Their only advantage lies in the fact that you have never seen how they act before, and do not know what you are up against. However, some players have still defeated them! When the golems feel they have been beaten enough times, ALL players will be rewarded with a golem, and upgraded accounts will also receive the more rare ones. And no, you do not win golems by defeating them now. That would not be fair to players in all time zones =)

Golems, golems golems!!! Check the news for updates on when all players can win golems starting next week!

Also, the connection timeout has been adjusted once again, and hopefully it will work better now. I apologize to those players who could not log back in before due to this problem!

MAC users can now type "/up" or "/dn" to change levels in the lobby.

[ November 7th, 2003 ]
Forums are up again =)

[ November 6th, 2003 ]
Due to the new arenas, you may notice that it has become more difficult to log on at peak hours. If you see a "Server Unavailable" message, then that means all the connections are full. You will need to wait for a FREE account player to be disconnected after their game. Once you are logged in, nobody has to wait in line for a space to play anymore.

Don't worry about Money Orders not arriving on time in the mail before the next update. If there's anything you SHOULD have received during the update, you WILL still receive it later when the mail arrives.

Forums will be temporarily offline until further notice. Please check here for any news!

Over 2,000 players now!!!
New arenas have been installed in the lower level of the Lobby. They are currently available to ALL players.
Press [PgDn] to access them! Strange battles have been sighted there, if you're lucky you might see it too!

[ November 5th, 2003 ]
No more units will be given out until after the next update, estimated to be at the end of this week!
Reminder : Upgrade your account NOW so that you can receive all the features! Don't miss out!

[ November 2nd, 2003 ]
In order to speed up the battles, there is now a 2 minute Turn Timer.
When the Timer expires, your Turn will end automatically.
If you did not make ANY commands before it expired, you will Surrender automatically!

[ November 1st, 2003 ]
Over 1,000 players!
Servers are getting full...
Please support me for server expansions! Thanks!

[ October 31st, 2003 ]
Your statistics can be set private inside the game. Higher ranking players may be listed on the website in the future.
Also, be warned that disconnecting in the middle of a battle counts as a LOSS.
This way, you can win units even if your opponent leaves abruptly.

Acquire MORE UNITS to build your team by winning battles!
Announcements will be broadcasted at random times when units can be won. You MUST already be in a battle to be elligible for a chance to win the extra units. If you miss it, just wait for the next one.  ^_^

[ October 30th, 2003 ]
Dark Magic Witch got a power increase, hopefully more people will use her now!
Knights and Assassins have SLIGHTLY lower blocking chance now.
Some minor bug fixes in the server also... SORRY for all the server resets!

[ October 29th, 2003 ]
TAO goes online!
There is only one multiplayer server right now, and it has a limit of 50 simultaneous connections. FREE accounts are automatically logged out after each game to free up connections. If there is still room, you can just log right back in.