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[ June 21st, 2004 ]
Servers have been upgraded again over the weekend to reduce the amount of lag.

[ March 16th, 2004 ]
Servers were taken offline from 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM PST for routine maintenance and cleanup.
All inactive accounts have been removed from the database.

[ March 10th, 2004 ]
More Good news Bad news.
The server has been moved to a more stable environment, finally!
During the move, the database had to be rolled back a few hours. Any information lost from this period WILL NOT be recovered. Sorry for the inconvenience!

[ February 27th, 2004 ]
A "Forced Draw" condition has been added to the game:
If there is no contact between opposing units within 30 turns, the game will automatically end in a Draw.

The Second Tournament is over! Thanks to all the participants, special thanks to Merforga for hosting the tournament, congratulations to all the winners, and special congratulations to Slayers Guild for taking both Trophies!

Champions of the Second TAO Tournament
Open Division Restricted Division
HaLdAvId Cyrus Bloodbane
Cordo Windfoxster
XxWhite AlliancexX Battlecat

[ February 21st, 2004 ]
Server maintenance has been scheduled tonight between midnight to 6:00AM EST.
This does NOT mean that the servers will be down for the full six hours. Please expect several short interruptions during this period, and play at your own risk !!

[ February 18th, 2004 ]
Good news Bad news.
There was about fifteen minutes of unexpected downtime, but now clan registration is open again.

[ February 14th, 2004 ]
Due to the database error from yesterday, a few accounts may have been lost or overwritten. If your Gold account is not working, please email me from your Paypal email address with your login name and clan name.

[ February 13th, 2004 ]
The server database is currently down, so if it says "Invalid name or password." it does NOT mean that your account is gone. Please be patient while it is being restored and don't panic. =)

[ February 8th, 2004 ]
Downloadable versions of the Rating Calculator have been posted on the Ranking page.

[ February 3rd, 2004 ]
Slight modifications, which will probably not affect your strategies at all:
 - Shrubs have no HP now, and are destroyed by any single attack.
 - Shrubs cannot be healed or targetted by Focus spells.

[ January 30th, 2004 ]
Registration for the Second Official TAO Tournament is open!
Click the banner above to link to the tournament page on the Fansite.

[ January 29th, 2004 ]
A Rating Calculator has been posted on the Ranking page.

[ January 25th, 2004 ]
The Furgon Hunt has concluded! Gold accounts check your Settings for your very own Furgon. =)

[ January 24th, 2004 ]
Due to the large number of players joining the community everyday, the old ranking system is no longer adequate. Cumulative statistics will be replaced* by a Rating system similar to that of the United States Chess Federation.
The same  /stat  command will be used to view a player's Rating.

For details on how the formula works, search the Forum for a post by shortna on a simplified Academic Chess Rating system.
*All players will restart at a rating of 750, and new rankings will not be posted until Monday.

[ January 23rd, 2004 ]
The Hunt  has begun ...
Look in the Roleplay Forum for details.

Legends Server is receiving heavier traffic than ever during the day.
If you see the "Server full." message, just try again. Gold accounts will not notice any problems logging in.

Your off-field units are now protected from disappearing mysteriously.
Look out for new additions to the game this weekend!

[ January 21st, 2004 ]
Legends Server was attacked by a Virus today...
Sorry for the extensive downtime while the damage is being repaired.

[ January 7th, 2004 ]
The ranking formula may be changed slightly tonight.

[ January 1st, 2004 ]

The First TAO Tournament is finally finished, SPECIAL thanks to Merforga for all the time and hard effort he spent on running it this past month. Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners!
For everyone else ... DON'T MISS OUT ON THE NEXT TOURNAMENT !!!
Watch the news here and on the Fansite for more information soon!

Champions of the First TAO Tournament
Name Prize
bushido Enlightenment
Cyrus Bloodbane Dragonspeaker Mage
Knight named Cyrus "Dark Slayer" Bloodbane
Triarch Stone Golem named The Big Bopper
cordo Dragon Tyrant
elvish_pie Frost Golem

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