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People call these wild scantily clad women Enchantresses because of the hypnotic auras emanating from them. Wherever they go, people are drawn to stop and stare at them as if mesmerized. These Enchantresses have learnt to use this to their advantage.

Hit Points :  35 Movement Range :  3

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  3
   Paralyzes all units within 2 tiles of the Enchantress as long as she maintains Focus.
   Focus spells are unblockable and can penetrate Barriers.

You can completely control the field with Enchantresses. Paralyze your opponent's ranged units. Whenever they move their close-combat units in, recast the Paralyze spell.

Use up one turn to Paralyze enemy units that have high blocking. This will save you from wasting turns when your attacks may be blocked.

Enchantresses have a very large area of effect, and are very useful for end-game. You can win by default by paralyzing all your opponent's remaining units.

Enchantresses can be used to "buy time" for other units while they recover. Paralyze enemy units that are advancing on your recovering units, and that will force your opponent to use up extra turns to break your Enchantress's Focus.