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Pyromancers reclaimed the lost scrolls of their ancestors and rediscovered the art of Dragonspeaking. Dragonspeaker Mages can channel the power of the Dragon's flame breath to strengthen the magic of all Pyromancers. With glowing auras accompanying their presence, they are destined to lead the fellowship of flamecasters to glory.

Hit Points :  30 Movement Range :  3
Power :  15

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  3
   Burns a cross-shaped area of 5 tiles.
   Maximum targeting range is 3 tiles from the Dragonspeaker Mage.
   This attack is unblockable.

Special Abilities :
   + Dragonspeak  ( Passively channels the power of a Dragon to create stronger flames )
   + 33% Blocking from the front  ( 16% from the sides )

While the Dragonspeaker Mage is on the field, your Dragon Tyrant's power will be drained into your Pyromancers, so the Dragon Tyrant should be kept at a safe position at the back.

After the Mage and/or Pyromancers die, the power returns to the Dragon Tyrant.