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Dark Magic Witches were once mages that delved deep into the roots of Demonic power. They are now consumed by a lust for Dark knowledge, and have only begun to tap into its power. Many believe that the Witches themselves have become consumed by Dark Magic, and have long lost their souls to the Demons.

Hit Points :  28 Movement Range :  3
Power :  24

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  3
   Summons 4 Dark Energy bursts in a straight line.
   This attack is unblockable.

Special Abilities :
   + 20% Blocking from the front  ( 10% from the sides )

The Dark Magic Witch's unblockable attack is useful at the beginning when the enemy units that can block are too far away to get behind with your other units.

The Dark Magic Witch has high enough power for her to be useful even attacking a single target. It is not easy to catch your opponent with many units standing in a straight line.