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Barrier Wards are used on the battlefield to raise impenetrable Barriers around warriors. Their strange powers are drawn from the magic stones fastened to them, and the only way to break their Barriers is to shatter the stones.

Hit Points :  32

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  2
   Raises a Barrier on a single unit within 6 tiles as long as the Ward maintains Focus.
   Focus spells are unblockable and can penetrate Barriers.

Special Abilities :
   + 100% Blocking from all sides

Barrier Wards are invulnerable to normal attacks when they are idle, but when they have Focus, they cannot block. To cancel your own Barriers, just Move, Turn, or Attack with the unit under the Barrier.

Position Barrier Wards so that they act as a "wall" for protecting weaker units and healers behind them from fired long-range weapons, such as arrows. For protection from unblockable attacks, cast Barriers on themselves.

Barrier Wards can be used to "buy time" for other units while they recover. Cast a Barrier on a recovering unit, and that will force your opponent to use up extra turns to break your Barrier Ward's Focus.