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The rules listed here are for reference. It is MUCH easier to learn how to play by trying the game first, because most of the rules and effects are VERY self-explanatory when you see the actual units in action.

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Battle Rules
Win - by destroying or paralyzing all of your opponent's mobile units, OR if your opponent Surrenders.
Draw Game - if all mobile units on both teams become destroyed or paralyzed, OR both players Pass three times each consecutively without commanding any units, OR there is no contact between opposing units within 30 turns.
First Turn - is picked randomly by the system at the start of each game.
Turn - consists of commanding ONE unit to move, attack, or change direction in any combination. Changing direction must be the last command if used.
Time Limit - ranges from one to two minutes per turn depending on the number of units remaining. Running out of time before completing all commands results in an automatic End Turn. Running out of time without making any action at all results in an automatic Surrender.
Undo - is NOT allowed.

Unit Types
Normal ( Combat ) Units - can only deal damage.
Healers - can only restore HP.
Support Units - must Focus to cast Barriers, Power or Armor bonuses, or Paralyze units.
Immobile Units - may be any other unit type, but cannot move and may have equal Blocking chance from all sides.

Unit Statistics
Hit Points ( HP ) - Units are destroyed when their HP is reduced to 0 by damage.
Power - Determines how much damage a unit can deal when it attacks, or how much HP a Healer can restore.
Armor - Percentage of damage that will be absorbed or reduced when attacked. Armor does not reduce Healing.
Movement Range - Maximum number of tiles that a unit can move through each turn. Friendly units may step aside and allow a unit to move through a shorter path.
Recovery Time - Number of turns a unit needs to Recover before it can be used again. If a unit moves but does not attack, Recovery Time is halved and rounded down. If a unit attacks but does not move, Recovery Time is halved and rounded up. If a unit only changes direction, it does not need to Recover.

Special Abilities
Teleportation - Ability to move from point-to-point regardless of any units obstructing its path.
Unblockable Attack - Attacks cannot be Blocked except by Barriers.
Healing Spell - Restores HP.
Focus Spell - A continous effect spell that is cancelled by damaging or paralyzing the caster, or removing its target.
Blocking - Percentage chance to completely Block front attacks. Most units cannot Block from behind, and Blocking chance is halved for side attacks.

Status Effects
Waiting - The unit is still recovering, and cannot take commands yet.
Barrier - All damaging attacks and Healing spells will be blocked. The Barrier is lost if the caster loses Focus, or you command the unit under the Barrier to move, attack, or change direction. Focus spells cannot be Blocked by Barriers. Units under a Barrier cannot step aside for friendly units trying to move past.
Focus - Maintaining a continous effect on its target(s). Focused units cannot Block, and Focus is broken when damaged, paralyzed, or given new commands. Healing will not break Focus. Focused units cannot step aside for friendly units trying to move past.
Paralyze - The unit cannot take commands, Block, or step aside for friendly units trying to move past.
Power Bonus - Increases or decreases Power, but has no effect on units with no damaging or Healing Power. Effective Power will not be less than 0.
Armor Bonus - Increases or decreases Armor, and affects even units with no Armor. Effective Armor will not be less than 0% or greater than 100%.
Stacking Effects - Individual Power and Armor bonus effects will add up. Multiple Barriers or Paralyzing effects on a single target must all be cancelled to remove the effect.