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Entering the Lobby  -  Customizing Your Team  -  Combat System  -  Unit Types & Rules
Tactics Arena Online can be played from any browser that supports Flash. It does NOT need to be downloaded and installed, and will NOT save any settings on your hard-disk. You can play TAO from any computer with an internet connection, and you will always have the latest version and updates.

This game requires Macromedia Flash Player 6 or newer plugin.
If you do not have it installed or are not sure, click here.

You need to create a FREE account before you can log in. The ONLY information you will be asked for is a user name and password. No contact information is required for FREE accounts, so your password cannot be recovered if you forget it.

Learn how to:
 - Find opponents in the Lobby
 - Command your units during battle

Personalize your own avatar and customize your own team.
Improve your Tactics by understanding the rules and different unit types and statistics.