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Stone Golems are slow lumbering masses of rock with the ability to imbue magic stone armor. They are extremely tough and do not budge even when struck by the strongest steel.

Hit Points :  60 Movement Range :  2
Armor :  30%

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  4
   Imbues an additional 30% armor on units in a cross-shaped area of 5 tiles.
   Maximum targeting range is 1 tile from the Stone Golem.
   The armor remains as long as the Stone Golem maintains Focus.
   The armor remains even if the other units move away.
   Focus spells are unblockable and can penetrate Barriers.

Stone Golems can be used to increase armor on units so that they are able to survive one more hit than usual.

Stone Golems are most useful right at the start if your units are already standing in position for them to cast the armor spell.