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Furgons in the wild are harmless beasts that avoid contact with all other animals. The forests protect these peaceful creatures, and hunters and predators will mysteriously become trapped in thick woods and endless shrubbery if they try to chase a Furgon.

Hit Points :  48 Movement Range :  3

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  1
   Raises Shrubs in empty spaces in a cross-shaped area of 5 tiles.
   Maximum targeting range is 2 tiles from the Furgon.

Special Abilities :
   + 50% Blocking from the front  ( 25% from the sides )

Additional Information :
   - Summoned Shrubs cannot be the target of Healing or Focus spells

The Furgon's Summoning ability does not require Focus.

Summon a patch of Shrubs to block a Scout's LOS or a melee unit from approaching.

Furgons can ensnare a unit with Shrubs, forcing them to waste a turn to break free.