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Tactics Arena Online is a TBS (Turn Based Strategy) game played online against other people online. Each player commands their own customizable team to battle head-on against an opponent's team. New units will be added to the game gradually, and players will obtain them depending on how they want to build their team.

[ August 18th, 2004 ]
The long awaited Third TAO Tournament is finally here!
Our host this time is Tuff, who has taken over for Merforga (aka. manferga) from the Fansite!
Click the link above for rules of the tournament and instructions on how to enter.

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TAO is created in Flash MX and Flash Communication Server using the third evolution of the Tactics Core game engine. Up until now, Digital Seed Entertainment has always been a one-man project driven by a passion for making games as a hobby, which would explain some shortcomings in the games and why they take so long to produce. I'm a computer engineer (Unemployed!), so my strength is in programming. But, I am also interested in sound and graphics, so I took the opportunity to make those myself while I still can. Hopefully someday I can be a professional game developer!  ^_^
Thanks for the continued support from everyone who enjoys playing my games !!!
- Seed -