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Scouts are the proud archers of the Human ranks. They are among the most cunning and agile of all warriors. Weilding their deadly bows, Scouts are excellent marksmen and can hunt down any opponent no matter how far they run.

Hit Points :  40 Movement Range :  4
Power :  18 Recovery Time :  2
Armor :  8%

Attack Pattern :
   Shoots an arrow at a single target up to 6 tiles away.
   This attack will hit or be blocked by the first unit in its LOS (Line of Sight).

Special Abilities :
   + 60% Blocking from the front  ( 30% from the sides )

Scouts can easily get behind your opponent's units and snipe them from their back. The only drawback is their 2 turn recovery.

Scouts will be difficult to handle at first because of the LOS limitation on their attacks. If your attack will hit or be blocked by a unit before it reaches your target, the damage display will show (0%) chance to hit. Learn to judge LOS accurately and Scouts will definitely become one of your most useful units.