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Equipped only in cloth robes, these brave Clerics bring their faith to the battlefield. Acting as Holy field medics, Clerics cure the wounds of fallen comrades through their incantations. Even from afar, a warrior will feel revived by a Cleric's prayers.

Hit Points :  24 Movement Range :  3
Power :  12

Attack Pattern :
Recovery Time :  5
   Heals all friendly units on the field.
   Units will not attempt to block Healing spells.

Clerics can heal all your units no matter where he is standing, so keep him as far back behind your units as possible at all times.

Clerics have low HP and no armor, and they will usually die in 2 hits even if they heal themselves after the first hit. Position them initially so that your opponents need to go through many of your other units in order to reach your Clerics.

The 5 turn recovery can be shortened to 3 turns by not moving after you Heal.