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Assassins are swift and silent fighters, merciless towards all who dare cross paths with them. Highly skilled with their twin blades, they strike only when advantage is greatest. Assassins have mastered a deadly technique for executing several targets in one strike.

Hit Points :  35 Movement Range :  4
Power :  18 Recovery Time :  1
Armor :  12%

Attack Pattern :
   Strikes all units on the 4 tiles surrounding her.

Special Abilities :
   + 70% Blocking from the front  ( 35% from the sides )

Assassins' greatest strengths are high movement range and quick recovery. This allows you to move in and out for quick attacks safely. Assassins have decent power, so the 360 degree attack is just an added bonus. She is worth using even when there is only one target.

Try not to move an Assassin in for an attack and then just leave her there. Even though she has some armor and blocking abilities, she does not have enough HP to survive repeated pummelling.