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Apr. 30, 2003 - 12:30am
OK, seems like I disappeared for a month... anyway, here's an update of what I'm working on now!

The game for our EECE 478 Project did pretty well in the school demo. We even got a "Just finish it!" recognition award, meaning that it is something they'd be interested in seeing the final version of =D (It was never finished on time for the demo -_-")

During the demo, my partner just called it Fantasy 51, since the judges demanded a name for the game, and I was about to call it Final Fantasy otherwise -_-" ... Anyway! It'll have a real name soon!

Now that exams are over too, I've decided to rewrite the game since there were a lot of things that we couldn't do the way we wanted to during the school term. Because I'm on my own now, it's taking some time -_-" and I'm going on vacation tomorrow, so it won't be ready until I come back. Anyway, here are a couple of screenshots from the new (and improved!!!) version! ^_^v

By the way, I haven't answered any emails since exams started (Sorry !! ^^"), and now my mailbox is quite full, so I'm really not sure when I'll get to all of them... Probably not until I come back ! ~_~

Email me at =) See you later!

-V2C, aka Seed